LG Scroll Gen 3

Bring the future to the present – LG’s Next Generation Scroll Compressor

With a focus on reliability and performance, LG designed Gen 3 Scroll Compressors with significant improvements to motor efficiency and friction reduction to bring the future to the present.

From January 2023, the new energy efficiency standards including new test procedures will be in effect for residential, commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems. LG Gen 3 Scroll Compressor with significant efficiency improvement will help customers to meet new regulation change.


The Gen 3 frame size is nearly identical to the previous model. Its similar size and design make it easy for users to upgrade, as OEMs won’t need to redesign their conventional systems and installers will find compatibility when replacing existing compressors.

LG Scroll R1

Ground-Breaking Efficiency from the Combined Technologies

The R1 compressor™ operates across variable speeds, unlocking optimal temperature and humidity control of the conditioned space. 

With increased stability and lighter weight the R1 compressor™ is ideal for residential and commercial applications, having been tested in harsh environments to ensure durability.

Why LG R1 Compressor™?

▸ Shaft-through Structure

R1 compressor™️ features a shaft that runs directly through the compressor, controlling the orbit with less impact and unleveling.

▸ Groundbreaking Design

Combination of technologies found in conventional scroll and rotary compressors, R1 Compressor™️ provide efficiency improvements.

▸ Simplified Structure

Compression section is located lower, these simplified non-cantilevered design leads to significant sound reduction.

Increased Efficiency



The R1 Compressor operates across variable speeds from 10 to 150 Hetz, which adapts its output for various conditions, and is the highest efficiency compressor offered by LG.

Reduced Tilting, Quiet Operation



Shaft through structure control the orbit with less impact and unleveling, contribute to significant sound reduction compare to the conventional scroll compressor.

Reduced Oil Loss



Compressor mechanical is located much closer to the oil supply, loss of oil in the bearing surfaces is less likely in the R1 Compressor™️.

Variety of Applications



Designed for both residential and commercial usage, R1 compressor™️ is a great choice for multifamily, mixed use and other spaces.

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Variable Speed Scroll Compressor

LG UniRotary

Durability & Longevity

LG’s innovative technology boasts new features that allow for reliable restarts and exceptional durability that were previously not possible for rotary compressor usage in unitary applications.

Technology for Improving SEER Rating

Prevent high/low pressure equalization whrn set to “comressor off” by taking advantage of residual cooling thereby improving SEER rating.

Technology for Preventing Refrigeration Migration during Off Cycle When Paired with Non-Bleed TXV

LG’s Patent Solution for Restart Failure Issue

LG’s patented solution equalized pressure between compressor and system for smooth restarts.

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Rotaty Compressor for Untitary System